Now What?

Many have read the exhortation on this blog, and have asked the question..Now What? What would God have me to do in the current situation that appears to be on the horizon? Well, this summer we did a whole series on end times studies…the fallacy of the pre-trib rapture, the signs of the second coming of Christ, if your scared, you’re not prepared, don’t waste your suffering…they are available on our website at the end of this month…in the meantime, one needs to pray, seek the Lord, and ask for the courage to do what He shows you to do….read Hebrews faith, Noah, being warned by God about things not yet seen,in reverence prepared an ark for the salvation of his household, by which he condemned the world and became an heir of the righteousness which is according to faith…preparing your household is not is faithful, just like Joseph putting up grain in preparation for the 7 year famine in Egypt!

Exhortation Part two

Don’t look back like Lot’s wife..many will perish in their sins. No hope for the lukewarm…had warning..did not heed it, like the five lost virgins–I never knew them. Kindness and compassion overcome evil..Enough, take your rest, be sober and alert. The devil will cast many into tribulation..I will never leave my lambs. Be wise about good, shrewd about evil..I am the overcoming God of my people, stay strong to the end–reward is with me, in me, from me.


This exhortation was written down sometime in May,’10..I shared it with some pastors that I am accountable with…all said it was heavy, yet lined up with scripture and was timely…all in keeping with our model of waiting for confirmation. Now, I share it with those who will view it on our blog…the Holy Spirit has been prompting me of late to share on the site….”My sheep hear my about the underground body will be plunged into it soon..large churches will be plundered, many will seek you out as a refuge. Purging needs to happen for a spotless bride. Hirelings do not warn of danger, only to save themselves..stay strong in the word, atune to the Spirit, He will show you what you need to do and go. Keep warning and wakening a sleepy body. No more time, judgement is at hand, is right at the door! The end of all things is at hand,do not fear or panic. All has been planned from the foundation of time. Enter by the narrow gate. Many will flee to the wide gate and run head long into destruction. Watch your back..wolves in sheep’s clothing, especially apostate pastors. Do not deny the faith, as many will. Heed the warning signs. Endeavor to do what I show you to do. Like Noah did. Effortless if you keep in the Spirit, burdensome if not. Plan for more than your clan; widows,orphans,elderly,frail..they are my precious ones whom my body forgot–cancerous cells will be amputated, cut off, discarded. Keep yourselves in the love of Christ, put away petty quarrels, love covers a multitude of sins. Do not fret for what is coming upon the whole earth. No geographic region is safe outside of my will for you. Pray,Plan,Prepare…sanctuary–everyone has pieces of the puzzle, do not disdain others’ pieces. All will fit together for one another. Clouds on the horizon, storms gather to do my will. Violence ,greed,genocide of the unborn, non compassion towards the poor, debauchery of my people…cause of it all. Remnant stay close to me, do not vear to the right/left..straight ahead. end of part one

Training of Counselors

We here at Reclaiming Victory are excited about our upcoming Counselor Training November 12-13. This will be the first of three levels of training towards certification of our program of setting believers free from bondage’s, and strongholds.

Our first level will include looking at Biblical approach to discipleship/counseling that deals not just with SETTING others free, but STAYING free and producing fruit for the Kingdom of God! We will look at the filters that block counseling the spiritually afflicted, examine why most Christians hate themselves, and why most “christian counseling” is nothing more than “baptized psychology”

The next two levels will be held in the early part of 2011 and will look at the ways to minister to others, how to set up a freedom ministry for your area, and how to interface with the various church denominations.

So, I ask for your prayers and support as we equip others to do the work of ministry…blessings, Peter

Men’s Retreat

Rushing Wind Fellowship, along with Christ’s Life Fellowship, and Cold Waters Fellowship is sponsoring a Men’s Retreat at Camp Cascade February 26-28 2010. The Theme is Healing, Wholeness, and Holiness. We are dedicating the retreat to Rev. Royal Renolds, who went to be with His Lord Jesus  Febrauary 8th.If you are interested in attending…. Please contact the ministry at the address on our site, and we will send you a registration form. The cost is $125 for 2 night lodging, 4 meals(including a steak dinner) snacks, and all retreat materials. Many of us have been going on this type of retreat for years; we had 17 churches represented the last time we went. So come and be encouraged, challenged and blessed with some restful times.

Faith Forum: Tigard Times

This article was featured in the Tigard Times:

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,” – Psalm 46:1-2.

The big question that we have heard repeated since the earthquake hit Haiti is, “Where was God?”

There is no promise in scripture that we will not have trouble. In fact, quite the opposite is true; scripture is very clear that in this world we will have trouble, disease, affliction and persecution. It’s part of living in a world bent on promoting its own desires over God’s desires.

This week, in a Goodwill store, I witnessed a young man of about 16 years of age talking to an older gentleman in the religious book section. At one point in their discussion, the older man said, “You can’t believe the Bible is true.” This young man, clearly, confidently and succinctly said, “I do believe the whole Bible is true.” The older man was flabbergasted. He tried to shake this young man’s faith and the young man held fast. In the end, the older gentleman said, “So, Almighty God says that if you don’t believe in me, then you are going to hell!” His decibel levels got louder and he repeated the sentence again, and then a third time, even louder.

My response to a statement like that is that if you know that that is the standard, what stops you from believing?

Either God is who he says he is or he isn’t. If he is, then wisdom dictates that you honor and praise him in your character and behavior. If he isn’t, then you live according to a set of man-made principles. For those who believe that God is who he says he is, his word says that he will be an ever-present help in times of trouble for those that are his.
Scripture does say that there are times that natural disasters are caused by God (Numbers 16, James 5, Rev. 6, 8, 16.) Is every natural disaster a punishment? Absolutely not. Natural disasters sometimes occur due to shifting tectonic plates, divergent weather patterns, etc. We can understand why natural disasters occur. What we do not understand is why God allows them to occur.

We’ve observed in our lifetime that when such occasions arise it causes many to sit back and think about eternity. Our churches are usually overflowing after such an occurrence. People want reassurance and something or someone to hold onto, to rely on when they realize that life is tenuous, at best.

Ultimately, what we have to remember is that truth is no less truth because one chooses not to believe it, like the older gentleman in Goodwill. The truth of scripture tells us that God is good. Many amazing miracles occur during natural disasters. A young woman from the Northwest that was in Haiti had to be dug out of the rubble by her husband and is quoted as saying, “It was a miracle, Mom!” No less of a miracle is the way that Christian ministries are welcomed with the provision of aid, counsel, and prayer during these times.
Not just for the people who are directly affected, but for the world as a whole, natural calamities make us all sit back and reevaluate the priorities in our lives. Calamity should not cause us to doubt God’s goodness but rather turn us toward him in trust.

“Although the Lord has given you bread of privation and water of oppression,… your eyes will behold your Teacher. Your ears will hear a word behind you, ‘This is the way, walk in it,’” – Isaiah 30:20-21.

Ministry Update – March 20, 2009

Hello to all the Saints of the Lord!

We continue to see the Lord dealing with His bride to get her cleaned
up for His return. Sometimes it is rather ugly as the Lord, turns to
the Father in heaven, and says “Father,  I’m not marrying
that!…clean Her up”…remember, the quicker you yield your soul, the
less damage you will do to your spirit.

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Ministry Update – March 12, 2009

Greetings to all you dear saints out there,

Well, this week’s urgent message caused quite a stir in the
Evangelical world. David Wilkerson’s revelation of a major
catastrophic event being immanent, is drawing lines. Some have
followed David’s prophetic ministry for years and have bore witness
that this country is under God’s wrath, and that judgement is upon
us….like we had shared, when God shakes a nation he does it through
the Economy, Ecology, and via that country’s enemies. Then there are
those who think the “doom and gloom” society is a bunch of hooey. They
maintain that this is just an adjustment, that we can make heaven on
earth, that the church in America has replaced Israel in God’s
timetable. My Bible says that the Antichrist is going to tread down
the saints, until the Ancient of days is ready for His son to return
and harvest His saints from this earth, and then judge the wicked from
off His earth.
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